Meet our team: Mani

March 16, 2017
The first real Spring day of 2017 is the day that our Senior Developer Mani is occupying the beloved Interview Couch. Mani translates his Icelandic coolness into perfectly pure & clean code. All day, every day. He’s our DJ Moon & is rarely seen without his Macbook.

I can’t go a day without
my MacBook, yes it sounds weird to be so attached to a piece of technology. I try to take it with me anywhere I go. As a coder, I sometimes get stuck on problems that have to be put aside if the right solution is not obvious. Somewhere along the day or a weekend the solution pops in my head and I can open up my laptop and work on the solution.

My favorite guilty pleasure movies/series are
Lethal weapon 1-4, 48 Hrs, Tango and Cash and just any “buddy cop” movie out there.

My secret superpower is
probably more antisocial then a superpower but at work I like to keep conversations short and to the point. I don’t see any advantage in long meetings, though they are sometimes unavoidable.

My favourite app is:
I don’t really have a favourite app but according to my iPhone I wasted the most amount of battery life on Strava and Reddit. I use Strava when I go for a run or biking on my racing bike. It keeps track of my performance. Reddit is just a time-wasting blackhole that no one should go near.

I like my coffee
as a double espresso at room temperature. So I like to wait about 30 minutes for the coffee to cool down before I drink it. Somehow tastes better.

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