The Eleanor Wine Index (EWI) displays the price movement of the 100 most traded Bordeaux fine wines. EWI is a reliable weighted index that is calculated monthly, based on available prices in Bordeaux.

eleanor platform


Eleanor asked Eenvoud Media to help with the realisation of a platform that shows accurate information on wines. Eleanor had the wish to realise platform to facilitate trade between Bordeaux negociants and fine wine professionals. With over 350 wines in the database, easy search and comparisation was very important.


The result is a user friendly platform that shows information of 350+ wines. The dashboard shows the Top 10 best prices in Bordeaux compared to other markets and to the release price. The wine catalog consists of 350+ Bordeaux fine wines. With an easy search function, wines can be filtered by rating, price and difference in percentage compared to other markets. It also shows historical trends, chateau information and more. Placing an order request is easy. Just select the required wine and quantity.

eleanor platform

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