The website of Zeelander was outdated and in need of an visual update. The old website was not responsive and navigation was not user friendly. Visitors would get lost navigating through the website. The brief was to design a beautiful responsive website that navigates easy and where the Zeelander brand will be exposed to its best.

zeelander website
zeelander website


The whole website had to be changed from the base. A new navigation structure was realised with the yachts as the main navigation items. Per yacht a submenu was created for user friendly navigation. To tell the correct story about a yacht the idea was to make scroll pages with text and images.


Eenvoud Media designed a glossy website with high res images and video’s. The new Zeelander website is developed responsive, the website is easy viewable on all platforms. The backend of the website is WordPress. This allows easy maintenance by Zeelander.

zeelander website

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