Data Visualisation


Are you looking for clear answers to your business questions? Without spending time on finding and analyzing large sets of data or being dependent on this one guy in your organization who knows how they should be interpreted. Gain insight on what’s going on in your business, in just the blink of an eye. Eenvoud Media specializes in smartly aggregating and visualizing your business data. So it is available to you: when, how, and where you want it.


Stay on top of your team’s targets and company goals, by reviewing current achievements in your custom data visualisation tool/solution. Eenvoud Media will enable you to focus on what matters; putting you in control of your business again by centralizing your company data into one single management dashboard. Available to you real-time, wherever you are.


Many business software vendors supply their own reporting tools, designed to provide insight in their specific application. Combining these proprietary data sets with your own data can be painful and might not even be possible. Eenvoud Media solves this problem by integrating all your data sets into one manageable source of information; ready for on the spot analysis.


For Eleanor Eenvoud Media made a data visualisation tool. Eleanor provides a single platform to facilitate trade between Bordeaux negociants and fine wine professionals. It shows historical trends, chateau information and more.