Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Once we delivered your eye-catching website, we don’t stop there. The next step is to draw visitors to your website and make sure your brand is properly represented online. We offer a range of marketing services that help you generate more traffic to your website and help you convert.

The advantage of Search Engine Marketing is that we can decide which keywords we target. In other words, we know what the visitor is looking for when they reach our advertisement. This gives us the chance to meet the visitors desire.

Search Advertising

Search Advertising encompasses text advertising in search engines like Google and Bing. With Search Advertising you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Our goal is to generate as many conversions as possible for the lowest costs.

Display Advertising

Google Adwords gives you the possibility to advertise in various networks. For example, if you are a company that sells Shoes, you can use display advertising to showcase your shoes on a banner in a fashion blog website. We have the in-house knowledge to help you design the banner and create the content.


Retargeting is a form of advertising that shows your Ads to visitors after they left your website.  How does it work? As soon as someone lands on your website, a cookie is installed in their browser. This cookie shows the advertisements on other websites your visitor visits. An opportunity for you to present your brand to potential buyers on different platforms.


After your visitor clicks on your advertisement the next step is to make that visitor engage with your website. The page the visitor lands on is very important. It needs to meet the visitor expectations when they click on the ad. We are specialized in creating and designing landing pages that make engagement and conversion on your website as easy as peanuts.

Video Advertising

Research tells us that landing pages with video convert up to 83% average. The expetency for 2018 is that 80% of the Global Consumer Internet Traffic will come from video. Chances you don’t want to miss if you take your digital marketing strategy seriously.


Would you like to appear on the organic searches in Google? Good Search Engine Optimisation leads to a structural and sustainable find ability of your website. Weather you are looking for technical SEO or quality SEO content, we got you!

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the right medium for online retailers to display their products to potential customers. Google displays your products at the top of the search page. You only pay when a visitor lands on your website or browses through your products.

Mobile Advertising

The necessity of Mobile friendly advertisements and landing pages is growing year by year. We can help you plan, manage and run your mobile advertising campaigns and make sure your visitors will always view your information properly, with all their devices.

Google Certified!

We are Google certified. This means that our digital marketeer is qualified by Google to provide you with the best knowledge and advice for your digital marketing strategy.