Web Applications


Web applications by Eenvoud Media allow you to work however you want, while still using the core business software that supports your business. Without limiting your company’s business processes by outdated “off-the-self” business software.

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User friendliness

Traditionally, teams lose time while looking for information scattered across applications, shared folders and hidden in e-mail. Eenvoud Media produces user-friendly, centralized business solutions, boosting productivity by merging functionality and vital business information into a single web application.


Have your business applications available to you everywhere you go. You would no longer specifically need to work from one specific device, or use VPN to connect to the office workspace. Eenvoud Media develops your applications for use “in the cloud”. So you can work when you want, and where you want.

web applications

Alda Events

Eenvoud Media developed a webapplication for Alda Events. Alda was in need of a place where Alda employees and clients come together and exchange information, files, contracts and much more.
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