Website Development

Custom Website Development

Custom made websites. That is what Eenvoud stand for and does best. Identifying your target audience and how to communicate with them is a key question when developing a new website and reaching different types of stakeholders requires different approaches. Eenvoud understands this well and has established a great track record in developing user-friendly representable, eye-catching websites.

Campaign Sites

One-off, promotional websites need to blow your visitors away, attract them and sell your event, product or promotion. Eenvoud will provide you with stunning visual designs, support Google search optimisation (SEO) and a wide range of marketing tools to follow-up on your potential customers. Whether you want to create awareness, collect data or work on your branding, we know how to get you started!

Communities & Platforms

Add services to your website to create a connection with your (potential) customers. Eenvoud creates a platform for you to strengthen your customer base. A platform on which your customers can easily interact with you and among each other. Are you looking for a more complex product? Maybe our web Рand mobile applications are a better fit for your company.

Zeelander Website

Eenvoud Media designed and developed the new website for Zeelander. A beautiful and responsive website developed in Wordpress is the result. Check out our case study.